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These days the print and visual media are owned by industrial tycoons. Reporting the shenanigans of the rich and famous, the so called celebrities and increasing the TRP and profit has become the prime concern of the media. The poor are driven to the margins and are rarely noticed.

Samvaada, a monthly magazine was started in 2002 to give voice to the voiceless and call attention to the issues that affect the common man and contemporary events that have an impact on the rights of individuals and tend to affect society in an adverse manner. Sri Indudhar Honnapura, a veteran journalist is the editor of this monthly. Most of the progressive thinkers and writers have been writing for the magazine. It has found its niche readership among the students, intellectuals, progressives and law makers. Contemporary issues touching the lives of common people and their rights are articulated with vehemence, and the in depth articles that appear in the magazine are a guide to many policy makers. These magazines are valued by research scholars in various fields of art.